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Shasing Shapheng Printing & Dyeing

Add: Wu Bao Industry-Area, Shishi,

         Fujian, China.

Tel: +86-595-88922222

Fax: +86-595-88985888

Zip Code: 362700

Website: www.alshugart.com


Knitting business unpopular, woven dyeing and finishing industry: keep going by painstaking effort, several joy several sorrow

Since last year, unusually unpopular I knitting dyeing and finishing industry business,the market hit a hitherto unknown, a good business to "stop stop", all the plant's grey cloth are stacked to factory on the road outside. In weaving dyeing and finishing industry, is a gathering clouds and rolling mists scene, it is: "Every dog has its day!",take turns to Feng Shui!

Although the knitted fabric dyeing and finishing booming, bustling, in fact, the profit is not necessarily good, this is because the upstream dye industry environmentalpressure, environmental protection more and more enterprise named to pollution,factories were ordered to suspend production for rectification, leading to dye intermediates and ran a tight supply, capacity can not meet the demand of downstream of the dyeing and finishing industry, dye another round of a substantial price increases,so, knitting and dyeing and finishing enterprises had to follow a wave of price hikes, do not look like a good business, only end up a marginal fate, the only not "lose money earn call".