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Shasing Shapheng Printing & Dyeing

Add: Wu Bao Industry-Area, Shishi,

         Fujian, China.

Tel: +86-595-88922222

Fax: +86-595-88985888

Zip Code: 362700

Website: www.alshugart.com


2015 Chinese fashion fabric "excellent product"

No micro not to

Small time popular micro process, the positive energy can also be micro expression,plain micro jacquard, double side micro suede, only two color, called micro combination,Tencel linen cotton micro elastic, although low-key, but distinctive. Brother is the ParisL'Oreal, you deserve!

Rome star light

Close and thick knitted small Rome, the wonderful combination of dark and bright silk,nylon fullness, polyester type, high elastic spandex, coat and trousers can be satisfied,men's and ladies' can also take into account, 419 grams, hope to bring you every day,"FOR ONE NIGHT" wonderful experience.


Flower type fine lines, engraving and printing technology exquisite, wonderful picturepattern: possession of the blue flower fields full of blue daisies, forming a sea of flowers, flowers in the world, wind bloom, swaying in the wind, like the dream of Provence. S slant Kampot cotton texture, feel smooth, 115 grams of the cloth body,elegant, in addition to brown yellow, red wine two color, the same endearing.